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Rules and Regulations of ISGH South Zone Weekend Islamic School Policy


Registration and tuition payment:

All student’s tuition should be paid in full at the time of registration / enrollment. Books will be issued to the students only after the fee payment.


Weekend Islamic School Tuition is non-refundable after 2 weeks of enrollment.  Tuition should be paid ONLY by Check, Money order or PayPal.

NO CASH payments accepted.


School Time & Calendar:

WIS school calendar is published on the school website.

The regular school hours for Weekend Islamic School will be 10:00 am 2:00 pm on Sunday.


Students arrival and dismissal Policies:  

We start our day with morning Assembly with Dua (supplication) before students go to their classes. Parents are encouraged to be a part of our Assembly.  


Students will be dismissed at 2:15 pm after Zuhr prayer. Parents are advised to pick their children promptly. School will not assume any responsibility for late pickup. Early dismissal will NOT be encouraged.


Student’s Lunch Policy:  WIS is offering a complimentary lunch for all students between 11:30am - 12:15 pm.  Our Menu may not be appetizing to all students.

In such cases, students can bring their lunch from home.  


A written Alert Note must be submitted to admin and class teacher if your child is allergic to any food serve in our cafeteria. SZWIS / ISGH are not responsible for any serious problems caused to your child due to food allergies.


Zuhr prayer is at 2:00 pm  All students must pray Zuhr prayer at 2:00 pm. Teachers / Volunteers will escort a