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Rules and Regulations of ISGH WIS Policy for Registration and tuition payment: • All students’ tuition should be paid in full for 1st semester (Fall) at the time of enrollment. • All students’ tuition will be due for 2nd semester (Spring) on Jan 1st. • Weekend Islamic School Tuition is non-refundable after 2 weeks of enrollment. • Tuition should be paid ONLY by Check, Money order, Paypal. NO cash payments. Students’ arrival and dismissal Polcies: • Weekend Islamic School hours 9:45 am – 2:30 pm on Sunday. We start our day with morning Assembly with Dua’a (supplication) before students go to their classes. Parents are encouraged to be a part of our Assembly. • Parents must sign/Initial to pick their children from their classrooms. • School will be dismissed at 2:30 pm. Parents are advised to pick their children promptly. School will not assume any responsibility for late pickup. Early dismissal will NOT be encouraged. Student’s Lunch Policy: • WIS is offering a complimentary lunch for all students between 11:45am - 12:00 pm. • Our Menu may not be appetizing to all students. In such cases, students’ can bring their lunch from home. • A written Alert Note must be submitted to admin and class teacher if your child is allergic to any food serve in our cafeteria. We are not responsible for any serious problems due to food allergies. Zuhr prayers at :1:30 pm • All students must pray Zuhr prayer at 1:30 pm. Following prayers, teachers will escort all students back to their class for Islamic studies class. WIS Dress Code: • All Students must dress modestly, covering their body parts. Girls must cover their hair with hijab (scarf). Boys are encouraged to wear pants. However, shorts for boys are acceptable as long as it is below their knees. • Wearing tank tops or shirts with pictures/offensive logos attires are not allowed. Failure to observe the school dress code might result in students being sent back home. Electronic, Sport Equipment, and Toys: • Students are not encouraged to bring smart phones, gaming devices, iPads / iPods or any such items to Weekend Islamic School. • WIS Administration and Staff will not be responsible for any loss or damage of these devices. • Any device used during class time will be confiscated and will have to be collected from the WIS office after school. • Students are not allowed to bring any toys, entertaining or musical instruments to the school. Outdoor playground equipment needs to be used safely and properly under teachers’ / mentors’ supervision. • Older children should be polite to younger ones. No bullying is allowed at school premises. • No one is allowed to play cricket, baseball, football in school parking lot area. However, students may use basketball court and soccer field at the back of our school to play. Tardy and Absence without information: • Students must bring a written excuse note from parents. In the case of a student having absences of three consecutive Sundays, it may ultimately result in cancelation of the student’s admission by the class teacher / admin office. Any three consecutive Sundays of tardy will be counted as one day absence. Fighting and abusing the school property: • Fighting, using abusive language, bullying younger kids, and not following Security guard’s instructions would result in the detention/suspension of a student. Parents: Your cooperation will be highly appreciated for running WIS safely and smoothly, as well as creating a safe learning environment during school hours. We truly appreciate your cooperation. Please read thoroughly our Weekend Islamic school policies and sign below. Jazak Allah Khairun WIS Admin Team & Sr. Faheem Khan Principal WIS